FormsGeniePro Now Available

Posted Sep 1st, 2010

Introduction of FormsGeniePro for BlackBerry Smart Phone users.

FormsGeniePro enables administrators to create forms, surveys or counting templates online, deploy them to mobile workers immediately, and access real time reporting on data collected in the field. The days of sending out paper forms, waiting for users to bring in their reports, and then having to get someone to rekey all of the collected data, are over reported Roland Bissell, the president of Convergent Telecom. FormsGeniePro enables business customers to leverage existing BlackBerry assets to re-engineer business processes on the fly, improve accuracy of the data that is collected in the field, enable better decisions making through on-line real time reporting, and improve efficiency of the entire mobile work force.

Roland Bissell, also reported that they have reduced the individual standalone price on MyFormsGenie and MyMileageGenie from $59.95 to $29.95. Bissell indicated; “this price reduction reflects our commitment to maintain a competitive leadership position in the mobile application space. Convergent Telecom is committed to ensuring our software solutions are priced competitively and are available to all BlackBerry users across North America”.

About FormsGeniePro - FormsGeniePro is web based software as a service solution that syncs with BlackBerry Smart Phones and enables companies to reengineer business processes. FormsGeniePro simplifies design and distribution of electronic forms or surveys, along consolidating critical information collected from mobile worker. FormsGeniePro helps to reduce paper, it replaces inefficient business processes and it automates consolidating the data that is collected. Some of uses include: expense reports, usage logs, asset tracking, electronic orders, registrations, inspections, audits, checklists, surveys, time and billing, and inventory tracking.

FormsGenie adapts to YOUR needs and requirements instead of you having to adapt to the technology. FormsGenie operates on all Blackberry™ Smart Phones running version 4.2 or higher software. FormsGenie™ features photo forms, Geo-coding location data, auto import of templates, and export of collected data. The ConvergeWireless online template editor allows corporate users to develop online eForms, eSurveys, and eCounting Templates and then distribute them company wide. The user can also create and distribute the form right on the Blackberry device.