MileageGeniePro Now Available

Posted Nov 8th, 2010

MileageGenie Professional Edition for BlackBerry is now available for Tracking Time, Travel, Location and incidental expenses of the Mobile Work Force!


Convergent Telecom, a leading wireline and wireless reseller in Canada for Bell Canada, today announced the introduction of MileageGeniePro for BlackBerry Smart Phone users.

Roland Bissell of Convergent Telecom reported MileageGeniePro for Blackberry enables companies to drive innovation into their business by leveraging existing BlackBerry Smart Phones. The benefits include improved business processes and elimination of rework. By simplifying the process of reporting (and tracking) travel and incidental expenses many companies report a saving of between 15 and 20% said Bissell. This also happens to be the largest expense category a business incurs for mobile workers (except for payroll) Bissell went on to indicate. Users simply punch in at the beginning of the day, and punch out at the end of the day, and MileageGeniePro tracks the distance traveled, the time it took, the route taken, and any incidental expenses incurred throughout the day.

Bissell, also reported that they have reduced the individual standalone price on MyFormsGenie and MyMileageGenie from $59.95 to $29.95. Bissell indicated; “this price reduction reflects our commitment to maintain a competitive leadership position in the mobile application space. Convergent Telecom is committed to ensuring our software solutions are priced competitively and are available to all BlackBerry users across North America”.

About MileageGeniePro – MileageGeniePro includes a copy of MileageGenie for BlackBerry and it requires a BlackBerry Smart Phones with GPS and release 4.3 and higher. MileageGenie uses Blackberry GPS to send location tracking data, or grab a GPS Fix, the distance (miles or km) traveled throughout the day..