MileageGenie now V Cast Apps

Posted Nov 1st, 2011

mileage and expense tracking app for blackberry

Converge Wireless today announced that MileageGenie for BlackBerry has been selected by Verzon Wireless to be included the V Cast Apps™ Catalogue. 

Verizon customers will be able to purchase MileageGenie through the V Cast Apps Store. Roland Bissell, the President of Converge Wireless (, reported that “Verizon is very prudent when it comes to approving applications for their network and their store front. They have a similar philosophy to the Mobile Application Business as we do Bissell went onto to say. It has to be easy to download, it has to be easy to use, and it has to work flawlessly. Being selected by Verizon Wireless to be included in their V Cast Catalog speaks volumes about MileageGenie for BlackBerry.


MileageGenie uses a patented software client designed to run on BlackBerry Smart Phones, This client software enables users to grab a GPS fix and track the distance they travel on business throughout the day, along with enter any incidental expenses they incur throughout the day. Once a month the user simply sends them self, or their manager, a spreadsheet that lists the travel, who they met with, and any incidental expense incurred throughout the month. The whole expense reporting and reimbursement process is completely automated. Users have told us that MileageGenie for BlackBerry paid for itself in the first day. The MileageGenie client on the BlackBerry also supports BlackBerry Enterprise Server push, with full IT Policy settings and adherence.

About MileageGeniePro - MileageGeniePro operates on Blackberry Smart Phones with GPS to send location tracking data to the MileageGeniePro portal. MileageGeniePro then plots the coordinates, calculates the distance between fixes, and then enables user to create monthly travel reports.